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Nefturians is the NFT Collection of the startup Nefture - NFT startup incubated at Station F.

For this collection, the watchword is innovation. We are making sure to push to the limit all aspects of the project (artistic, technical, functional and marketing). Our goal is to participate in the long term development of the WEB3 ecosystem.

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Only one road leads to...


Meet your Nefturian

QI 2022

Your avatar has just landed in the Nefturians Universe.

As an NFT owner, you are fully part of the Nefturians story. On the day of your character’s reveal, you’ll have the heavy responsibility to choose him a name. It will appear directly in the metadata and will be unique among the Nefturians. Our goal is to co-create the Nefturian story with our community, right down to choosing the names of the players in the story.

The name will accompany the Nefturians throughout their existence and and will be used in the various products derived. Once a name is chosen and validated, no other Nefturian will be able to use the same name. Be advised that this decision will be difficult to change, so choose wisely !


Metaverse Ready 0.1 : Choose your angle

Q1 2022

Your Nefturian will be metaverse ready. To get started, we offer you the possibility to choose between different points of view for your NFT.

You can have up to 3 choices of posture for your Nefturian. They will be interchangeable at any time according to your desires and you will be able to see it instantly on Opensea. You might have a rare and unique view so check it out !


Fanart Community Contest

Q1 2022

This section is dedicated to all Nefturians who wish to contribute to the Nefturians ecosystem by creating fan art around our universe. We have developed a private art platform for all our holders to share their works. Each month, the community will elect the « fanart of the month » which will allow its creator to mint it.

A community private fanart contest with the monthly winners will be hosted each year and bring glory to the most loved artists !


The Story Continues

Q2 2022

Always in the spirit of co-creating the Nefturians universe with our community, we want to give you a way to participate and co-write the Nefturians story with us. Nefturians holders will be able to propose a sequel to the story we have set up.

Each month, a vote will be held among the entire community to elect the story of the month and make it the official Nefturians sequel. The story will be updated according to the sequels that have been elected by the community instantly on our website. Animated episodes may appear from time to time to showcase parts of the story.


No-code NFT Collection Launchpad

Q2 2022

Nefture is building a revolutionary platform to empower more people to join and create NFT assets and build strong communities. Each Nefturians holder will be able to create or submit an NFT project using our platform, and get an early access to all the features.

You will be able to create, manage and sell NFTs on your own custom and secured smart contracts. All the resources and data that we used to launch our own collection will also be available.

• Submit an NFT project and earn royalties if your project is selected
If you don’t wan’t to create an NFT collection, don’t worry. We have something for you ! You can submit a draft project on our platform to be supported by Nefture. If your project is selected by the community for their coherence and ambition, Nefture will assist you in joining the Netaverse.
If the project goes forward, you will have access to special tokenomics like royalties at the launch of the project.

• Stake your Nefturian to be rewarded
You can let others submit their NFT project to us by staking your NFT. How does it works ?
If you know someone who is interested by Nefture, but they don’t have a Nefturian NFT, you can lend them your Nefturians and get paid in exchange.

Checkout our launchpad reveal !


Expansion of the Nefturians Universe

Q3 2022

Via a drag & drop system on the NFT platform, propose your own ideas and visuals of weapons and characters that can be added to the Nefturians collection and that will potentially be found in the partner metaverses of Nefture. Implementation of a drag & drop system on the NFT platform to propose your own ideas and visuals of weapons and characters that can be added to the Nefturians collection and that will potentially be found in the partner metaverses of Nefture.

A handful of community projects created on our no-code platform will be voted on by all Nefturians who will judge creations based on their coherence and ambition.

Nefture will then support the community’s favourite projects and help bring them to life in the Netaverse. Each submission must be sponsored by at least five nefturians who will, if the project goes forward, gain access to special tokenomics at launch such as royalties.


Community x Nefture Projects

Q3 2022

Through the first Nefturian Hackathon, our holders will have the chance to show their support to the community by creating a Nefturians related projects (games, clothing brands, drinks...).

Winners will be awarded community grants from Nefturians treasury to propulse their project.We will also provide you with all kinds of resources and media support to help you in the development.


Nefturians Live Party at ETH CC Paris & in the Metaverse

Q3 2022

Let’s have the Nefturians community come together for a great private party during one of Ethereum’s biggest event of the year !

We will organize a meeting and several activities so that we can meet IRL and exchange around the Web 3 ecosystem.

We will also be able to present some of our projects in a more intimate setting.


Upgrade your Nefturian with artefacts

Q4 2022

Yes, Nefturians can evolve to obtain ultra-rare characteristics !

Join contests, win games or be active in the community to find the hidden artifacts that will allow you to upgrade your Nefturian.

Most heroic Nefturians will be awarded special artifacts and rare equipment to add to their avatar.

Take a look at your NFT, something is happening ...


Nefturians play to earn genesys access

Q1 2023

Strategy online RPG game where the Nefturians story now takes place. Find or be awarded an activation artifact to have early access to the genesys version of the game.

In a few words: speed, tactics and competition.
Before integrating the tokenomics, we want to focus on the gameplay : Tactics and Strategy will be at the heart of the game.
Also, the game design is of utmost important. The art direction : breathtaking visuals and charming aesthetic.


Your Nefturian joins the Metaverse 1.0

Q2 2023

Experiment the Metaverse with your Nefturian.
We made all the technical adjustments to fully model your Nefturian in 3D.
He is now fully metaverse ready & we’ve partenered with our first Metaverse, so you can now experience the digital world with your avatar. Integration of assets in the partner metaverses.

Integration of the first wave of selected assets into partner metaverses. Players will be able to buy, change and play with these items..



Q2 2024

For the past two years, community feedback has always been the main factor in determining the direction of the project. You trusted us and we thank you for it.

However, we are convinced this project should be timeless and immortal. This is why we are bringing decentralization to the Nefturians governance by giving power to the community. Long live the Nefturians !

The future is now fully in your hands. All the main decisions around the Nefturians collection are now decentralized and trustless. The DAO has many forms. Choose the Nefturians related collections launching through the launchpad and expand the Netaverse, vote on the development of new features, vote for the best fanarts to grant the winner unforgettable rewards, elect community leaders, manage the treasury, finance community projects and many more.


Open World Netaverse

Q4 2024

Here we are, after years of development, we are ready to give you access to a 3D social world where you will be able to interact with the Nefturians community and its partners. Some cool features will be implemented, but we don’t want to spoil too much 🤫.

Creation of the Nefture marketplace dedicated to the exchange of assets A marketplace will be set up to allow the exchange of assets between players to travel from one metaverse to another without having to worry about losing all their progress.

Welcome to Gaming 3.0




See you there

NFT Launchpad

Create your NFT Collection - No code required !


Core Team

Nefture was created at the end of June 2021 when four blockchain enthusiasts got together to share the best of their skills around NFT technologies. Our primary mission is to bring value to the web3 ecosystem.

Owning a Nefturian is taking part in Nefture's story in the most inclusive way. We are building a strong and active community ready to follow the story of our company.

We already have awesome NFT and community tools planned for release. For each one, holders will have special and exclusive benefits for being a Nefturians Genesys holder.

Aris YahiaouiCEO
Aris Yahiaoui
Baptiste FlorentinCTO
Baptiste Florentin
Wafae KerchiCMO
Wafae Kerchi
Celim StarckCOO
Celim Starck


3D Artists

Simon Drapier3D Lead designer

I am a 21-year-old illustrator, obsessively passionate about drawing and painting. My strong point is my perfectionism and my ambition. My life revolves around art and sports.

Anis Amrane3D Artist

22 years old freelance concept artist, he puts in images the ideas of his customers through drawing and 3D.

David CodjoConcept Artist

24 years old 3D artist, passionate about Sci-fi, he draws, watches movies and fights.



Julien LalloucheCM & Designer
Romain SerraMarketing Strategy
Alan GerardsonMotion Designer
Mourad KejjiWeb3 & Solidity Developer
Pierre MouchanFront Developer
Ayoub CarterCommunity Manager
RacimCommunity Manager
Bertille De L.Communication Manager
Donat Davy3D Artist Support
KillianMotion Designer Support
Mahaut GerrerMotion Designer Support
Guillaume LefortMotion Designer Support


What is the Nefturians NFT collection?

Nefturians is not a simple NFT collection, it is a part of our history. The team behind the project is Nefture, a NFT French Startup incubated in the biggest startup incubator in Europe and we're here for the long ride.

When we created this collection, the watchword was: innovation. We made sure to push all aspects of the project (artistic, technical, functional, marketing) to participate in the development of the WEB3 ecosystem. The Nefturians are the 3D heroes that will accompany us throughout the life of Nefture and the projects that will come.

How many Nefturians are there ?

There are 1234 Nefturians.

Who is behind this project?

Nefturians is led by Nefture, a french NFT startup incubated in Station F, one of the biggest incubator in the world. Nefture was created at the end of June 2021 when four blockchain enthusiasts got together to share the best of their skills around NFT technologies.

Our primary mission is to bring value to the web3 ecosystem. Nefture is a structure of accompaniment and management based at Station F, the largest startup incubator in the world. We are planning far ahead for the future, Nefturians will be correlated to the life of Nefture. Many gifts, airdrops, percentages of the collections we will support on the long term will be donated to our supporters for life. Buying a Nefturians is being part of the Nefture story in the most inclusive way possible. We want to build a strong community that will accompany us in the life of our company. We will develop tools as the project progresses, and our holders will always have benefits from using our products and solutions.

How do I contact the team?

Join our Discord, and feel free to ask any questions you have. All essential information will be announced on Twitter and Discord.