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Nefturians is the NFT Collection of the startup Nefture - NFT startup incubated at Station F.

For this collection, the watchword is innovation. We are making sure to push to the limit all aspects of the project (artistic, technical, functional and marketing). Our goal is to participate in the long term development of the WEB3 ecosystem.

Prototype #1

Nefturians [#1/1234]

Prototype #1

Prototype #1
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Only one road leads to...


Meet your Nefturian

Q1 2022

Your avatar has just landed in the Nefturians Universe.

As an NFT owner, you are fully part of the Nefturians story. On the day of your character’s reveal, you’ll have the heavy responsibility to choose him a name. It will appear directly in the metadata and will be unique among the Nefturians. Our goal is to co-create the Nefturian story with our community, right down to choosing the names of the players in the story.

The name will accompany the Nefturians throughout their existence and and will be used in the various products derived. Once a name is chosen and validated, no other Nefturian will be able to use the same name. Be advised that this decision will be difficult to change, so choose wisely !


Metaverse Ready 0.1 : Choose your angle

Q1 2022

Your Nefturian will be metaverse ready. To get started, we offer you the possibility to choose between different points of view for your NFT.

You can have up to 3 choices of posture for your Nefturian. They will be interchangeable at any time according to your desires and you will be able to see it instantly on Opensea. You might have a rare and unique view so check it out !


Free Nefturians Airdrop

Q1 2022

Each Nefturian holder get's an airdrop of the same number of Nefturians they minted.


Diamond Hands Free Mint

Q2 2022

Exclusivity for genesis holders. An ultra rare artifact for our special holders that minted and held onto their Nefturians until April. It's a unique pass that will give you infinite access to privileges and will always be usable as long as it's in your possession.


N'Labs : Community Voting Platform

Q3 2022

N’labs is a platform where you will be taking part in votes for the community. Those votes will help us target the needs of our Nefturians community in order to offer you the best experience.


Rarity Ranking Tool

Q3 2022

In Nefturians Rarity Ranking website , you will be able where to see all your Nefturians with their rarity ranks and special attributes !

Because yes, In the metadata of your Nefturian, you also have 💎 Special Characteristics 💎


Access to the Nefturians Luxury PENTHOUSE on Exclusible Metaverse

Q4 2022

Luxury Penthouse where we will be hosting events in the future 🎉


Upgrade your Nefturian with artifacts

Q4 2022

Yes, Nefturians can evolve to obtain ultra-rare characteristics !

Join contests, win games or be active in the community to find the hidden artifacts that will allow you to upgrade your Nefturian.

Take a look at your NFT, something is happening ...








See you there


Core Team

Nefture was created at the end of June 2021 when four blockchain enthusiasts got together to share the best of their skills around NFT technologies. Our primary mission is to bring value to the web3 ecosystem.

Owning a Nefturian is taking part in Nefture's story in the most inclusive way. We are building a strong and active community ready to follow the story of our company.

We already have awesome NFT and community tools planned for release. For each one, holders will have special and exclusive benefits for being a Nefturians Genesys holder.

Celim Starck
Celim Starck
Baptiste Florentin
Baptiste Florentin
Wafae Kerchi
Wafae Kerchi



JballzDcCommunity Manager
BadMonkeyCommunity Manager
ParisianB.Community Manager
Anis Amrane3D Lead Artist
David CodjoConcept Artist
Simon Drapier3D Lead Designer
Killian M.Backend Developer
Thomas C.Communication Manager
Adrien D.Full Stack Developer
KillianMotion Designer
Mahaut G.Motion Designer Support
Neo M.Frontend Developer


What is the Nefturians NFT collection?

Nefturians is not a simple NFT collection, it is a part of our history. The team behind the project is Nefture, a NFT French Startup incubated in the biggest startup incubator in Europe and we're here for the long ride.

When we created this collection, the watchword was: innovation. We made sure to push all aspects of the project (artistic, technical, functional, marketing) to participate in the development of the WEB3 ecosystem. The Nefturians are the 3D heroes that will accompany us throughout the life of Nefture and the projects that will come.

How many Nefturians are there ?

There are 1234 Nefturians.

Who is behind this project?

Nefturians is led by Nefture, a french NFT startup incubated in Station F, one of the biggest incubator in the world. Nefture was created at the end of June 2021 when four blockchain enthusiasts got together to share the best of their skills around NFT technologies.

Our primary mission is to bring value to the web3 ecosystem. Nefture is a structure of accompaniment and management based at Station F, the largest startup incubator in the world. We are planning far ahead for the future, Nefturians will be correlated to the life of Nefture. Many gifts, airdrops, percentages of the collections we will support on the long term will be donated to our supporters for life. Buying a Nefturians is being part of the Nefture story in the most inclusive way possible. We want to build a strong community that will accompany us in the life of our company. We will develop tools as the project progresses, and our holders will always have benefits from using our products and solutions.

How do I contact the team?

Join our Discord, and feel free to ask any questions you have. All essential information will be announced on Twitter and Discord.